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Our video production services make it easy for you to get the footage you need to showcase your business. Infinite Glitch is experienced in capturing the perfect shot, editing footage, and creating compelling videos that will draw attention and make your product or service stand out. Let us help you create stunning visuals that will make a lasting impression.



Filming per Hour: $25

Editing per Hour: $25



Q: What is video production and editing?


A: Video production and editing is the process of

creating a video from start to finish,

including pre-production, production, and post-production.

During pre-production, a script is written and a timeline is created. During production, the video is shot and recorded.

During post-production, the footage is edited, graphics and animations are added, and any sound effects or music are added.

Video production and editing are important for promoting an individual's brand because it allows them to create a visually engaging piece of content that can be shared online and used to reach a wide audience.

Q: What video production services does Infinite Glitch offer?

A: Infinite Glitch offers a variety of video production and editing services. We specialize in creating high-quality, engaging videos for

businesses, influencers, and individuals.

Our services include script writing, shooting and recording, editing, motion graphics, animation, sound design, and more.


Q: How can Infinite Glitch help promote my brand?

A: At Infinite Glitch, we understand the importance of creating a visually engaging video that reflects your brand.

We can help promote your brand by working with you to create a unique experience for viewers to see your work.

Contact Infinite Glitch to discuss any of the

services and prices listed above for your business/brand.

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