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Our social media services are designed to help you create and maintain a successful presence on multiple social media platforms, allowing you to reach potential customers and build relationships with them. We will tailor a plan to fit your specific needs, and help you create an effective strategy to build an engaged audience.


Account Creation: $50

Social Media Post: $10



Q: What else Infinite Glitch can do for an

online presence?


A: Perhaps you want to create an avatar to be your host or mascot.  We can build a character for you to control, use to create content, and help if you’re camera shy.

Become a member today!


You can join this site for a chance to build a network from scratch, creating more connections with people we invite, meet for the first time, someone on the

other side of the world!  

As more members join, you could discover the

missing link to your projects

Contact Infinite Glitch to discuss any of the

services and prices listed above for your business/brand.

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