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Photogrammetry is a 3D scan of an item, person, or location.  I have been experimenting with it for over a year now, and am finding it more and more fascinating as time goes on.

This is a massive step forward in what can be accessible in a digital space.  Seeing a full person before meeting them, explore a home for sale across the Country, or maybe create some memorable entertainment to enhance Content Creation.


Per Hour: $30


Scan+Final Object: $50 


Q: What type of content does Infinite Glitch create?


A: Infinite Glitch has been experimenting in photogrammetry (3D Scanning) 

for a variety of topics, including,

Objects, locations, and people.


Being able to scan a location for viewing is becoming more accessible, especially from a distance.

Our knowledge is always growing, the ins and outs of how to scan a location for it’s best impact is forever expanding, always learning from the imperfections that present themselves when completed.

With each scan, the items increase in quality, 

and with the right investments,

more locations can be scanned and saved for its intended use.

This could lead to being able to sell homes, taking virtual tours of a location you yourself cannot travel to.  Perhaps being able to see the progress of a work site for investors across the world; creating digital assets to help move a project forward, or sell over and over again to those who can use it for their own personal projects, creating entertainment instead.

Digital Doubles:

Our content creation process takes advantage of the services that are easily accessible with the advancement of technology.  Once you have a digital copy of yourself, you can use it for anything, such as a digital stunt double, utilizing motion capture assets that are available for free online.  You could turn yourself into an action hero, a warrior, and then jokingly say you do all your own stunts.

Q: What makes Infinite Glitch's content special?


A: Being able to see technology growing around you, and seeing the potential, means you have to start asking questions and finding answers as to which direction to take in moving along side a new idea, to grow it into something real.


This allows us to create entertaining, educational, or preservation based 3D content that can be used in a variety of applications.

Q: How can I use Infinite Glitch's content?

A: Our content can be used for a variety of purposes, including selling homes, creating entertainment, and more. We also offer custom content creation services, so you can create content that is tailored to your specific needs.

Beyond Photogrammetry:


Using Avatars of your own creation

goes just beyond a scan of yourself,

but a version you construct from scratch.

I have experimented with what is accessible and

I like what I’m seeing, and will

share in the members section.


Virtual exploration into the digital world is going to grow so fast in the coming decades, that it compels you got to start somewhere.

Digital Assets:

As we go forward, we will discover more ways you can utilize digital assets to make a living.  

You can sell a simple item repeatably, a more detailed item for a higher cost, and even digital real estate. 

3D Scupting:

Being able to scan items is tricky sometimes, the lighting needs to be a certain way, otherwise there’s gaps and imperfections; Practice Makes Perfect!

Using actual items as reference, you could essentially trace over the original scan to 

recreate it in a digital space yourself.  

You just need to understand the basic shapes involved in the item and work around that until the final product is completed.

Like creating 2D art with a brush, or shaping clay; 

you pull, expand, and shape something, sculpt it into something new, and of value.


It is all just another form of art, taking your options of potential artistic canvases and expanding it to the next level.

We will strive to learn how to achieve this together, 

creating digital assets to use as we please.

Contact Infinite Glitch to discuss any of the

services and prices listed above for your business/brand.

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