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Infinite Glitch focuses on Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Production, Photography, and Social Media. 


Formed in 2019, with the intent of helping other businesses and brands in various forms.  We can help you create a business/brands theme and identity from scratch, rebrand, or help expand your online presence.

There are various different products and services out there, all with their own unique identities.  All of them need their own voice, style, and personality.

Whatever the service is that you are in need of, we can discuss plans and methods of how to achieve those goals to benefit you in the end.


Owner/Creator Dylan Sypher has enjoyed film, music, videogames, and various forms of entertainment from a very young age.  After acting in home movies with family and friends at the age of 8, he began learning other aspects of film making; cinematography, editing, writing, and graphic design.

He enjoyed taking Media Studies and Comp Tech in High School, Which led to him attending Loyalist College in Belleville Ontario for Television and New Media Productions.  After learning various aspects of film making and television production, he created his first business, Provisional Productions; a music based production company that filmed live shows, interviews, promotional videos, and music videos.

After leaving Belleville, he moved to Toronto, where he worked behind the scenes and on screen in several movies, tv shows, and music videos,  He helped create a short lived channel with a group he met online, which led to only one video being released, (A comedy video about creating viral videos).

He moved around to Barrie, back to his hometown of Bancroft, and eventually to Gravenhurst.  Inbetween each new place, he created new brands for different topics of focus, Infinite Glitch being one of them;

Vidiot Override: Comedy and horror based content.

Intrinsic Entertainment: Food, Pets, and Travel.

Corroded Gaming: (Previously Delirium Gaming), Video Games, Sports, etc.

Ostracized Merch: Creating clothing and merchandise using graphic design skills.

Whether all of the listed brands are still operational by the time you read this, they are all examples of creating ideas from scratch, coming up with logos, color schemes, creating social media accounts, content, and promotional material to gather an audience for future viewing.

Regardless of what comes next, Dylan enjoys creating content, and wants to do his part in helping other businesses in various ways, so check out the services that are offered, and contact Infinite Glitch today!



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