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Video Capture allows you to capture memories, home movies, video game footage, and much more with ease. Whether you're looking to save important memories or create fun lets play videos, Video Capture is the perfect tool for capturing and editing your video content.


Cost per Hour: $20


Q: What types of home movies

 can Infinite Glitch capture?


A: Infinite Glitch can capture home videos from

old tapes(Vary depending access to

Adaptors or other essential viewing equipment),

SD cards, thumb drives, cell phones, and more.

Q: Can Infinite Glitch edit together a

home video highlight reel?


A: Yes, Infinite Glitch can take the best moments within the original footage, and create a highlight video for you to cut out all the unnecessary footage, like removing gaps between segments on the original tapes. 

Q: Video Game Capture?


A: Infinite Glitch can capture your gameplay footage from a few sources;  

-HDMI enable gaming console,

including the latest generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

-AV output for older systems.

Letting you record and stream your

favourite video games, so you can

share your gaming experiences with

friends and family online.

Q: Can I make Let’s Play videos with Infinite Glitch?


A: Yes! Infinite Glitch can also edit your gaming footage for you, making it as long or short as you intend.

Corroded Gaming:


Outside of Infinite Glitch, we also operate a gaming brand entitled Corroded Gaming

(Keeping content more direct and organized for viewing topics of interest, like entertainment vs  marketing creators),

This secondary source can also be used as another promotional tool to bring shape and build awareness to your gaming content.

Q: How do I transfer my footage to

Infinite Glitch?


A: If you can’t upload digital files to a connected cloud storage, you can book an appointment with Infinite Glitch to choose the

option that best suits you.

Option 1:

Go to your location, view the source of the footage, and capture it there.

(Removing the need to transport and

potentially damage older footage)

Option 2:

Send the tapes or memory cards directly to

Infinite Glitch, so we can work on it for as long as needed at our home base, then send it back with the digital files included upon completion.

Contact Infinite Glitch to discuss any of the

services and prices listed above for your business/brand.

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