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  • Update #2

    04-08-23 I have been rebuilding my website to bring together people to create a better future. That is my goal in its simplest form. When I was younger, and I went to a few of these meetings hosted by Community Futures Development Corporation. They were for young teens to come together for business building skills, team work, different points of view, and creating a successful future for yourself. Also just put into its simplest form. But behind the simplicity is a long line of choices that were to aim for those goals. This one time there was this multiple choice quiz that figures out your personality, and I was green, which meant that I thought a lot like Walt Disney or Albert Einstein. Apparently I was considered to be an inventive person, which is pretty cool, and felt it validated how I viewed the world. I’ve been researching both of these men recently, Walt Disney of course for how he changed history with happiness disguised as cinema. By that I mean, he literally worked to spread happiness. Albert Einstein worked to understand the world. He went against the grain to succeed and prove what it was that he was learning to understand about the very nature of our being. Ironically, I am watching the show Genius on Disney+, which tells the story of Einstein in its first season, so this burst of inspiration is quite ironic in a way. I also just got introduced in this Mathew McConaughey thing entitled Art Of Livin’, and it did say exactly what I wanted to hear at that moment, the idea of people coming together to enjoy life, it sounds exciting to me, perhaps a lot of people that think the same way can become friends and build ideas from the ground up. That was exactly what I was already trying to build up the last few days. My last post went from being something I wrote down while being inspired by Wu-Tangs final episode, to a video with my floating face and business card floating on a screen for 20 minutes trying to inspire people. I then realized that I can’t be out looking for work at every moment, I need to have work come to me. And to enhance the amount of people interested in what I chose to sell as a service, I need to find the people that want to help make it happen. I think I can see my efforts starting to pay off now. All of my life, I’ve had friends and family to come together and create fun memories with me and a camera. The best part about seeing an old tape of younger versions of ourselves from decades long gone, is the memory of happiness that it represents. (Is it at all possible to get a PHD in happiness?)(joke?) (I guess I’ll just write like Einstein did, and create like Walt did) I think I am just one of many people that really just wants to specialize in happiness. Like the literal, physical thing that you can point to, see with your very eyes, listen to, experience, or hold that brings out the best in you. To me, Cinema is that feeling, creating entertaining stories worth Billions of dollars. I’m happy with making a few bucks here and there over the years for my pursuit of my dream job (Create For A Living)+(Have A Great Time With My Loved Ones While Doing It.) People like Adam Sandler get to do that, and I admire him for it, wish I told him when I had the chance, but was trying not to fan boy, and then almost bumped into Kevin James, so there’s that little story. How about the deal for Wu-Tang Clan to gain creative freedom for their solo deals. It was still a lot of money for various companies, and its the way things should be, fair. If you have all your eggs in one basket, they can shut everything down all the way through the group; diversify, expand, conquer. “Greatness is Forever”. So here’s what I am trying to do, explaining things down into the most direct way I can about what I have been trying to accomplish lately. I am inspired, I am ready to make my existence better for everyone around me. I want to use my skills to entertain the masses, I want people to get money doing what they love, as people earn more, they have a better shot at happiness. That’s all we have to do in life, work, make money + exist. Why are we all doomed to work jobs that just bring us down, or perhaps you’re trying to create in a negative space, and need to expand your reach to achieve the greatness that you see for yourself. I am going to be updating my site, adding all the individual services to their own pages (I had a lot of help from the A.I. Writing assistance on that site, wont lie about that). I did have final say in what I present on my site, so having it still be my voice, while strengthening my intent to make an impact with whomever reads it. Basically the assistance helped me build faster, and I am definitely thankful for that, because I am just one person committing myself to a digital asset, the expansion of my reach with the services I have to provide. Badges: I have built a reward system of sorts today, badges for members on I decided to use the puzzle pieces I created a short while ago, a black piece in various stages of emptiness, or expansive. That’s where it hit me, It’s a metaphor for peoples situations in life, building inward, reaching outward. These Badges have 4 stages. Stage 1: Blank Slate (Hollow) Stage 2: Growth (Build a solid foundation) The empty piece has all 4 sides reach out to become a full square. Stage 3: Expansion (Reaching out, collaborating) Final Stage: Completion. (Networking+Project Completions+Education= Income) All 4 sides are now reaching out for their intended outcome of success. Here’s a more descriptive breakdown of what each part of the badge represents. Stage 1: Blank Slate (Hollow) 1. Empty (A hollowed out piece, has not built itself from the inside out) You are a blank slate, you have to make decisions and act on them to earn your place on the team. This will be a community of respect with collaborators within the group and beyond. Together you will build skills and enhance your knowledge on your own topics of choice, and create a stronger foundation towards a successful outcome for people within our groups and communities. Stage 2: Growth (Build a solid foundation) 1. Growth (Top) (Top side solidifies) The mind is needed to understand the choices you have in life, knowing which option you need to choose to move forward in the best way. Eventually creating your own individual path that could potentially lead you to success for yourself and those around you. You progress by joining groups, exploring the options within the site about your particular topics of interest to invest your time and experiences on: (Graphic arts, Video production, business management, etc) Becoming a member of groups is strengthening the foundation of skills within your mind, and better understanding them can then start leading to a stronger foundation of success. 2. Growth (Right) (Right side solidifies) This is when you begin networking with other people on the site You build that stronger foundation by meeting potential collaborators, finding out their skillsets, and potentially adding them to your own projects to get it off the ground 3. Growth (Left) (Left side solidifies) Left is what you leave behind, contributing information to build knowledge to be shared amongst ourselves. Specifically teaching a skillset, like how to use a particular app for graphic design (No purchases mentioned here) (Specifically free information) (Links to websites breaking down skills) (Writing your own text based breakdowns to explain in basic steps) (Visual learning like infographics or videos) (Multiple choice quizes) 4. Growth (Base) (Bottom solidifies) (The first step towards expansion, funding and equipment.) Finding a good footing to move forward is important in any project or business. If we have a strong foundation to stand upon, we will then be able to reach out and achieve greater success) This is you specifically leaving a source for equipment, or funding. Equipment Examples: (Go Pros, Apple or Microsoft products, paid apps, sharing links to retail sites to order equipment) Founding Examples: (Canada Media Funds, etc) Stage 3: Expansion (Reaching out, creating greater success) 1. Expansion (Top) (Sharing links with potential members) Building the group through your own personal marketing of the group, sharing with the people you deem creative, hard working, and inventive. 2. Expansion (Right) (Creative collaborations begin to expand, going from pre-production all the way to a final product) 3. Expansion (Left) (After leaving information behind, you need to study the information left behind.) This is where you can complete a 'course' created by members on the site. Once you complete your first quiz, the left of the puzzle will expand outward, showing it reached for knowledge and understanding. After completing any segment of growth more than once, there should be a number of the amount of times you completed a particular task, so you can prove how committed you are, as well as show off how much you contributed to success for yourself, and the other members of the team. 4. Expansion (Foundation) (Getting paid for doing work) Finally, making a income. While purchasing equipment should be worth a badge, you dont know whether you purchased an asset or liability until you earn your first dollar. So, for the final step, this badge is to show you are cementing yourself on this path by making a living utilizing your skills to pay the bill's, and live life on your own terms. Final Stage: Completion. (Networking+Project Completions+Education= Income) -You have helped build the network you currently work within. -You collaborated to make a project from 0% to 100% -You educated yourself to utilize knowledge for success. -You have started earning for your time and effort to build your own personal path towards success. That had me excited today, an actual point system within the website to see someone’s contributions, in a pretty simplistic and understandable style. Then I saw the Art Of Livin’, and stopped working on the badges. I was then going to get back to it, and editing the website until I can promote the updates, but then decided to write all of this down. I’ve had this calm over me for the last little while now, I had a particular business respond to an inquiry I sent the other day, and it has me excited that things are actually coming together. Genuinely trying to build my own network where I can meet people I want to invest my time in, creating a system for everyone to understand someone’s skill sets, everyone sharing knowledge to grow collectively, drive attention towards my personal goals and aspirations to heighten my chances of achieving them, and help build other peoples dreams in the process. Perhaps the person reading this, yes you, will join me on this journey of self discovery, over-coming obstacles, and working as a unit; like bees creating a central hub of activity, a hive. And now, lets prepare for the #Recap.

  • Message for Entrepreneurial Creators.

    If you’re here, then welcome to the team! I’m sure one thing you want to do is simply use your favourite skillsets to make money, and be happy. In order for this to work as intended, let’s see how we can build a successful team together. Events: We create our own fund raising events, to organize and gather the type of people we want to share stories about, or the people willing to invest on an idea. Collectively: Members will always be educating themselves to enhance their skills; gathering and utilizing information in their own unique ways. Here, everyone can help find and share information, to help others on this site that may be a little less experienced. Everyone teaches others the skills they haven’t mastered yet, eventually able to search for more opportunities and potential investments on their own, individually for their personal projects. (Whenever a member does take it upon themself to research any funding information in general) Hopefully finding the best funding options to help expand ideas, concepts, projects, and products. This is important, to invest in equipment, software, hardware, and other business expenses to complete the intended project/product. We will work towards our time having true value. Also, since this is the way the world works; pay bills, and other potential living expenses. ​ If we can accomplish this, grow insight towards having people invest their time in you, me, and anyone else who joins the members section; then the collective group will get to continue working with likeminded individuals. Finding those who have a similar interest, certain outlook, building friendships, and wants to improve their position in life. Creating more opportunities to work on projects with a team as a career, instead of a hobby? Sounds like the right answer to me. Remember! Take notes of your personal journey towards success. Someday, you will want to look back on it, as people have been doing for decades with home videos, capturing the greatest times of your lives on video. Documenting your happiness in a physical, visual, or auditory form, to relive again for later satisfaction. In terms of going forward as a unit, a tool to change the world for good. EveryBody! WE! #EBWE We work together to ensure our lives, your life, collectively. Ensuring on that final day of self reflecting, whenever it comes. You will think back, smile, and say: “That is a snapshot of existence being well executed.” (E.B.W.E) Remember those 4 letters, “E, B, WE!” Say it in rhythm with We Will Rock You by Queen. Sounds epic right? You‘re welcome! A 4 letter code about this idea, to share later amongst the first here to take a chance on living a creative and fulfilling life. Like A113 for animators; its just recognition of one of many steps towards their own goals that they eventually did achieve. Let us do the same. & Let’s get started!

  • Update #1

    April 7th, 2023: Hello, and thank you for making it to this point. ​ I have been doing a lot of self promoting recently through various sources; LinkedIn being the latest focus, genuinely trying to find work, make connections, and try to get things off the ground for me to help tell stories with creative people. As I was sending emails out to people, some of which may now be reading this, I decided I need to update my website to accommodate new potential visitors to this site. ​ ​ ​Updates: Communication: -I will be updating communication from within the site itself, so anyone redirected here will have a more direct line to me to discuss ideas and concepts to work on. Blogging updates will also be added to create a more engaging experience. ​ Photogrammetry: -I have been building up experience in Photogrammetry (3D Scanning), having scanned people, items, and locations. The amount that can be done with scanning the real world, then to bring it into the virtual one is becoming a more entertaining and profitable concept. Virtual worlds, meeting new people, or selling what you scan to help people make games or videos. If anyone wants to create a 3D space for insurance reasons, or realty, even visual entertainment, try contacting me. Recap Project:​ -I am working on a concept entitled The Recap Project, this will be a documentary based series to tell the story about creators and entrepreneurs. The pilot episode will be based on myself, as a template to show what can be done, as well as being able to add the personality of the main subject to the project, making each story unique. ​ New Equipment: -I also have some new equipment to help me be able to film, edit, and work on fixing up this site more efficiently, and effectively. Stepping up to take on more work in a wide variety of subjects, and there’s always something that needs to be done. Perhaps you can find your place at any point of a project to make it that much better. ​ Videos: -I will be uploading 2 videos within the next few days, 1 is a message to anyone who will listen. The 2nd is compiled footage from a project I started last year through Vidiot Override entitled Digital Glitch. Digital Glitch: This video not finished, but I will present it as I left it, with elements of the project missing. I figured I should show people what I did, and see if people want me to finish it.(Enhance the visual effects, add sounds effects and create a soundtrack) Upgrades: -I will go through my old service texts and icons, and animate them like I originally intended (Going from nice and neat, to a glitching digital aesthetic). If anyone also knows how to make even better quality gifs, then let me know; considering I may upload them to loop between the styles. ​ And finally, thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope we can create something great together. ​ -Dylan

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  • Digital Marketing | Infinite Glitch | Gravenhurst

    Let’s bring your creative ideas to life! ​ At Infinite Glitch, we want to connect creators, artists, brands, and businesses to collaborate and build a team; Joining forces to create projects that could increase profits in our communities. Our goal is to build a strong co mmunity that celebrates collaboration and innovation . We’re excited to bring together creative minds and help them bring their passions to the next level. ​ Join our Members section where we can compile our individual skillset, where we can organize projects, receive updates, and create awareness for a wide variety of aspiring people, artists, creators, as well as projects and products. ​ Perhaps you’re the missing piece of the puzzle. Are you ready to join us? ​ Log In

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    Infinite Glitch is the perfect choice to help artists, creators, and aspiring entrepreneurs get more recognition. As a Digital Content Marketer and Brand Ambassador, Infinite Glitch provides you with the creative tools and strategies you need to establish and promote your brand. ​ Perhaps you yourself could also find a role here, t o share your C re ative skills with Infinite Glitch. ​ Take a look through our services to find out which method Infinite Glitch can offer, or find a topic you could master yourself. Contact Infinite Glitch to discuss any of the services and prices listed above for your business/brand.

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    Video Capture allows you to capture memories, home movies, video game footage, and much more with ease. Whether you're looking to save important memories or create fun lets play videos, Video Capture is the perfect tool for capturing and editing your video content. Costs: Cost per Hour: $20 FAQS : Q: What types of home movies can Infinite Glitch capture? A: Infinite Glitch can capture home videos from old tapes(Vary depending access to Adaptors or other essential viewing equipment), SD cards, thumb drives, cell phones, and more. ​ Q: Can I nfinite Glitch edit together a home video highlight reel? A: Yes, Infinite Glitch can take the best moments within the original footage, and create a highlight video for you to cut out all the unnecessary footage, like removing gaps between segments on the original tapes. Q: Video Game Capture? A: Infinite Glitch can capture your gameplay footage from a few sources; -HDMI enable gaming console, including the latest generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. -AV output for older systems. ​ Letting you record and stream your favourite video games, so you can share your gaming experiences with friends and family online. Q: Can I make Let’s Play videos with Infinite Glitch? A: Yes! Infinite Glitch can also edit your gaming footage for you, making it as long or short as you intend. Corroded Gaming: Outside of Infinite Glitch, we also operate a gaming brand entitled Corroded Gaming (Keeping content more direct and organized for viewing topics of interest, like entertainment vs marketing creators), This secondary source can also be used as another promotional tool to bring shape and build awareness to your gaming content. ​ Q: How do I transfer my footage to Infinite Glitch? A: If you can’t upload digital files to a connected cloud storage, you can book an appointment with Infinite Glitch to choose the option that best suits you. ​ Option 1: Go to your location, view the source of the footage, and capture it there. (Removing the need to transport and potentially damage older footage ) ​ Option 2: Send the tapes or memory cards directly t o Infinite Glitch, so we can work on it for as long as needed at our home base, then send it back with the digital files included upon completion. Contact Infinite Glitch to discuss any of the services and prices listed above for your business/brand.

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